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Post-Registration Renewals


Post-Registration Renewals

Once your trademark is registered with the USPTO, it is important to maintain its validity by renewing it periodically. In the United States, trademark registrations must be renewed once during the 5th and 6th year post-registration, and then every 10 years thereafter, to remain in force. Our experienced trademark attorneys can assist you with the post-registration renewal process to ensure that your trademark remains protected.

How Does Trademark 360° Work?

We at Trademark 360° make it easy for you to renew the trademark. At our law firm, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong and valid trademark registration. That's why we offer comprehensive post-registration renewal services to help our clients protect their valuable trademarks. We can help you determine when your trademark registration is due for renewal and prepare and file the necessary paperwork with the USPTO. 


Is it Mandatory to Renew the Trademark?

Yes, it is mandatory to renew the trademark. After getting the trademark registration, you need to submit a declaration of continued use. This declaration is to be submitted between the 5th and the 6th year from the date of approval. Similarly, the declaration must be submitted again towards the end of the first decade. After that, the trademark needs to be renewed every ten years.


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Why Renewing Your Trademark is Critical

Renewing your trademark registration is a critical step in maintaining your trademark rights. Failure to renew your registration can result in the loss of your trademark protection, leaving your brand vulnerable to infringement by others. At our law firm, we are committed to providing our clients with personalized service and high-quality legal representation. We understand that your trademark is a valuable asset to your business, and we take pride in helping our clients protect their brands.


What If I Miss the Deadline for Renewal?

The trademark holders get a six month grace period after the expiration date to renew the trademark. This grace period can help you in getting the trademark renewed. The USPTO charges a penalty for late renewal submissions. You must renew the trademark within the six-month grace period to ensure your registration is not canceled. In such cases, the clients are required to submit the trademark application again from the beginning.

What Information is Needed from Me?

The trademark renewals are very simple. We need minimal information during these procedures. To begin with, you need to provide us with the trademark serial number and updated contact information. You must also submit a specimen to prove that your trademark is in use. If you would like to add any category of products or services, you can notify us while filling out the questionnaire. Similarly, you can notify us if you want to remove any product or category from the trademark.

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