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Trademark Renewal New York

You might already know that the trademark system in the United States has two tiers. These are federal and state. The trademark registered under the federal tier is valid across the country, whereas the trademark registered under the state tier is valid only in one state. If you already have an approved trademark, then you would need to renew it as per the scheduled timelines. For example, a trademark registered in New York is valid for ten years. So, you have to opt for trademark renewal in New York after every ten years. It is the responsibility of the trademark owner to ensure that the trademark is renewed on time.

Trademark Renewal New York

Submitting the application for a trademark is a document-intensive process. You need to have the forms in place, and you need to have all the proofs as well. It is better to get professional help when looking for trademark renewal services in New York or any other state. This is where Trademark 360 comes into the picture. Trademark 360 is a firm based in Manhattan, and it serves clients across the country. The specialization of Trademark 360 includes all activities related to trademark registration and maintenance. With experts in the field, trademark renewal becomes easy with the help of Trademark 360.

You can reach out to Trademark 360 and seek their trademark renewal services if you have an existing trademark. They have a flat fee structure, so you know how much you need to pay to get the job done. Trademark 360 also offers full services across the domain, and they can help you protect your intellectual property in the best possible way. It is in your best interest to hire Trademark 360 to protect your business from an unintended loss.

Trademark 360 also offers other services to protect the trademark of your business. They can help you with the trademark watch and other similar services that prove to be fruitful in the long term. In case of any litigation arising out of the trademark, you can contact Trademark 360 and get more details.

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It is very important to have professionals take care of your trademark. This way, no one can replicate your business name and take undue advantage. If you want a free quotation or have more questions about the trademark renewal, then we recommend you reach out to Trademark 360. You can get a free consultation with them, and you can also reach out to them via phone. The contact number for Trademark 360 is +1 646 612 7120.You can also email Trademark 360 at If required, you can visit the office of Trademark 360, which is located at a prime location in New York.

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