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Trademark Filing New York

A trademark can help you protect your brand's identity, and it enables you to ensure that no one tries to misuse the goodwill you have generated out of your business. The process to get a trademark is document-intensive, and in such a case, it is always better to have experts helping you with the application process. If your business is based in New York or any other state of the United States, then Trademark 360 can help you get a valid federal trademark across the country. You can learn more about the Trademark Filing New York on this page.

Process for Trademark Filing

If you seek help from Trademark 360, then the process is simplified. We ask you to fill out a questionnaire for us, and we fill in the official application based on the details provided by you. Once we have filled out the application, we will review the form and submit it on your behalf. We will also answer the queries that we receive from the department on your application. After reviewing the response with you, we will file it for you, and we will follow up with the authorities until you get the trademark registered.


You should note that your phone number also goes into the public domain with the trademark. If you want to avoid this, you can opt for private registration. At Trademark 360, we charge a minimal fee to have a private registration for you. This helps you avoid spam calls, as your number will not appear in the public domain. There are other advantages of private registration, and you can discuss those with our team.

Information Needed

When you give us the responsibility to file the trademark, you need to fill out some details on a questionnaire we share with you. This will help us with all the necessary information regarding your business. One of our relationship managers will help you fill out the questionnaire if you are stuck somewhere. In addition to the questionnaire, you need to share the details of the trademark along with the name & address of the business. You must also share a product where the trademark is used. This is the only information that we would need from you.

Fee for Trademark Filing


At Trademark 360, we charge a flat fee for filing the trademark. This makes the process easy for our clients. You don't have to worry about someone charging a random amount for getting the job done. You can call us for a consultation and discuss your requirements with us. We will give you a flat quote for the trademark filing and take care of all the processes from there onwards. You can also contact us if you have any questions regarding the services.

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