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Check Trademark Availability New York

When applying for trademark registration, you need to ensure that the logo and the name are not already in use. If a similar name is registered as a trademark, your application will most likely be rejected. In such a case, you will also be infringing the rights of someone who already owns the trademark. Another problem is that if you are caught in a clearance search, you will have to go through many legal issues. The brand can sue your business. While submitting your trademark application, you need to Check Trademark Availability New York in the federal database. We have shared more information about checking trademark availability in New York on this page.


Services Available At Trademark 360

It is not easy to go through the complete database to check trademark availability. This is where our services come into the picture. When you reach out to us to file the trademark, the first thing that we do is perform a trademark availability check. During the check, we go through the federal database and look for the matches for your trademark application. The database that we use is of The United States Patent & Trademark Office. This is the official database that even official uses before approving the trademark registration application.


We only proceed with the application if our experts give a green signal post searching the USPTO database. Checking the trademark availability helps us ensure that the trademark applications are not rejected, and your application fee is not fortified.

Are Pending Applications Reviewed Too?

When performing the trademark availability check, we review the pending and approved trademarks on the USPTO database. This process helps us ensure that there are no pending applications similar to your logos. It is an additional service that we offer in our bundle package to save the customer from the pain of applying again and again.

Can USPTO Raise a Query?


As many as 80% of the applications are returned to the applicant with a query. When you opt for the Trademark 360 services, we also take care of such issues. When you get an inquiry from the USPTO office, you can share the notice with us. We will review the details with our team and draft a response on your behalf. We will then review the response with you and file the response on your behalf. In some cases, search results are returned positive; when that happens, we will get back to you for further modifications.

So, without waiting any further, reach out to Trademark 360 team today and get your trademark registered. We provide all types of bundle packages that can take care of everything with you. Trademark 360 provides you with 360-degree coverage when you reach out to us for any services.

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